Athletic Center at Hristoupoli Spata, Attica
Tel / Fax: 210 6632944

Enjoy your wonderfull summer moments swimming in our pool, and relaxing times in the winter inside by the fireplace! --- Ζήστε όμορφες καλοκαιρινές στιγμές κολυμπώντας στην πισίνα μας και χαλαρούς χειμωνιάτικους ρυθμούς στους υπέροχους εσωτερικούς μας χώρους δίπλα στο τζάκι!

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A few Klm. outside of Athens, to a verdurous and peaceful environment, our multi-ground is located.

To an elevated hill of 10 square meters extension, in a lawn garden of 3 square meters extension, with view to the Mesogeia and the Mesogeian lowland, our installations are located.

The area has the infrastructure for full feedstuff, BBQ, sound installations with D.J, Video Wall, special lighting and of professional events of every kind.