Athletic Center at Hristoupoli Spata, Attica
Tel / Fax: 210 6632944

Enjoy your wonderfull summer moments swimming in our pool, and relaxing times in the winter inside by the fireplace! --- Ζήστε όμορφες καλοκαιρινές στιγμές κολυμπώντας στην πισίνα μας και χαλαρούς χειμωνιάτικους ρυθμούς στους υπέροχους εσωτερικούς μας χώρους δίπλα στο τζάκι!

Our Place

Giallou Club is situated on a green hill in an area of 10 acres with various amenities is our space. We offer Sports facilities, 2 rooms cafeteria, playground, a 25m wide swimming pool, and 5 acres of gardens. The sports facilities comprise of 3 tennis courts, 1 voley / basketball ground, one soccer field (5x5), changing rooms / wc .The sports facilities are regularily serviced and maintained in top quality by the Sports Organization of the Municipality of Spata. The cafeteria is located on two levels with separate entrance each. Upstairs the room is distinguished by its impeccable décor, wonderful views and large central fireplace. A warm and pleasant place for a friendly or business meeting. Ideal for conversation and relaxed moments with low lounge music, while enjoying hot herbs, exotic cocktails and light meals by the fireplace from early morning till late at night. On the ground floor you will find a beautifully decorated room, dressed in wood that is distinguished for the magnificent view it has. The direct access to the pool gives the sense that the water springs from inside the room. Meeting place for every hour of the day and a calm environment to enjoy your evenings and nights. In both rooms you can organize a simple meal for two, children's parties, birthdays, business meetings, christening, a special event under the relaxed music or whatever else you can imagine. The external area shaded by large wooden umbrellas, develops around the pool with spectacular views and can accommodate up to 500 people. The pool is of mini Olympic size (25m wide) and is always available for you for a dip to keep you cool in summer or get some swimming lessons under the gaze of a lifeguard.

The area also has many parking spaces.

Ticket only for the use of swimming pool:
Adults: 5 €
Children up to 4 years free, from 5-12 years 3 €, from 12 years and over adult rate.

The water purification is done by sand filters and chemical agents 24 hours a day, continuous recycling.
Three times a day made ​​measurements of chlorine and PH levels and weekly samples / results of water from accredited to EN ISO 17025 Chemical Laboratories Andreou .